Silver King Yachts was founded early 2018 by a young man with a BIG dream.

After starting in the yacht sales industry at the early age of nineteen, Jake McGowan wanted to prove he was here to make a name for himself in the yacht brokerage industry.

Jake worked vigorously on networking, meeting the right people and finding the right mentors. He knew that he needed to work hard and do things differently to make a name for himself. 

He went on to becoming sales & training manager of a prestigious yacht brokerage by the age of twenty one. He then went into retail sales for just under two years to learn the difference of selling brokerage boats compared to selling brand new boats. 

Throughout hard work, studying, endless boat shows, networking, meeting amazing mentors, putting himself in different environments, he felt that he was getting very close to making his dream come true.

Fast forward to his twenty fourth birthday, Jake McGowan opened the doors to Silver King Yachts, becoming the youngest employing yacht broker to open his own firm known to date.